The Gold Standard

Guaranteed Performance

Standard Business Solutions guarantees product performance according to the following schedule:

Prints 0 to 30 ppm               5 years

Prints 31 to 50 ppm             7 years

Prints 51+ ppm                    8 years

Like for Like Program

If the equipment becomes unserviceable or replacement parts are unavailable, we will replace it with a unit of equal or greater capability.

Guaranteed Trade-In Value

A guaranteed trade-in is given toward equipment of greater value and capacity as follows:

0 - 3 Months                             100%

3 - 12 Months                             80%

12 - 24 Months                           60%

24 - 36 Months                           40%

36 - 48 Months                           20%

Uninterrupted Performance

If your equipment cannot be repaired in a timely manner, Standard Business Solutions will provide a loaner machine until your equipment is up and running again.

Unlimited Product Training

A customer service representative from Standard Business Solutions will completely train you and your staff upon installation.