Standard Business Solutions is the leading provider of digital duplicators in the San Francisco Bay Area.  These versatile machines print on a much broader range of media at speeds that cannot be matched by common office technology.


Previously called the risograph, the RISO digital duplicator is specifically designed to bridge the gap between copiers and offset systems by handling run lengths that are too long for copiers (or laser printers) and too short for offset printers.

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RISO Digital Duplicator Technology


The RISO digital duplicator allows organizations to bring many outsourced print jobs in house for maximum control and cost containment resulting in economical, on-demand printing. And digital duplicators can handle print jobs ranging from everyday documents and business communications to more specialized applications like forms-on-demand, business cards, labels, and even paper bags.


Some call this product a digital press and some call it a digital printer. Some long-timers still call it a Risograph. One thing for sure is that this product saves time and money!

SF5130 EII

Commonly found in school offices, the RISO SF5130 EII provides fast & easy letter/legal-sized printing at an affordable cost.  Highly reliable and cost efficient, you can easily double or even triple printing output without increasing printing expenditures. Plus, you can print on a variety of paper stocks, such as newsprint, construction paper, postcards, and envelopes.  The SF5130 EII is the remedy for every teacher's nightmares trying to print efficiently and reliably.



SF9490 EII

Meet the world's fastest digital duplicator: RISO's SF9490 EII. Printing at speeds up to 190 pages per minute (that's 1,000 pages in less than 6 minutes!) with the same copy quality as most toner-based printers, this duplicator is the perfect solution for those that are looking to balance heavy volume printing at an affordable cost and optimal performance!

SF9450 EII

The best choice for feature-rich ledger-sized printing, the RISO SF9450 EII prints in True 600x600dpi at six variable speeds that reach up to 150 pages per minute. With the ability to print directly from a thumbdrive, USB printer cable, or ethernet, the SF9450 EII is the most accessible and high performing risograph solution for Graphic Design, UX, and Brand Identity teams.

MF9450 EII

Streamline your work with the benefits of dual color, single pass printing!  With print speeds up to 150 pages per minute and true 600 x 600 dpi resolution, you can print any spot color documents at an affordable cost with unmatched performance.




FORCEJET™ technology is found exclusively in the RISO's inkjet product line. RISO built its inkjet technology on the proven track record of the duplicator chassis, but instead of individual ink cylinders printing static information, RISO used heavy-duty inkjet print heads capable of creating full-color variable images.


RISO high speed color inkjet printers offer you a combination of speed, economy, durability, and flexibility that can increase the effectiveness of your organization's documents. Whether you work in a networked office or a high volume production environment, the ComColor inkjet printer can get your job done fast!


Providing full-color printing up to 90 pages per minute, the RISO ComColor FW5000 is ideal for any environment demanding low-cost, full-color letter/legal-sized printing.  Designed specifically for smaller print environments, the ComColor FW5000 is easy to use, with a simple, intuitive user interface, compact footprint, and color printing less than two cents per page!


Featuring simple, intuitive controls and robust print production capabilities, the ComColor GD7330 allows you to add full-color printing to everyday print jobs, but also gives you a low-cost alternative for printing black and white. With several finishing options including stapling, hole punch, folding, perfect binding, and envelope wrapping, the GD7330 is one of the most versatile light-production inkjet printers available at a lower operating cost than its competition.


Printing at speeds up to 120 pages per minute and accommodating media up to 12x18, the FW5230 is perfect for any high-volume environment demanding low-cost, full-color printing on various media.  With full finishing options including corner stapling up to 100 sheets, 2/3 hole punching, bi-folding, and saddle-stitch booklet-making, the FW5230 offers robust capabilities at a price comparable to most monochrome production printers.


Combining low-cost, full-color printing as low as two cents per page with unmatched reliability and impressive productivity, the RISO GD9630 is the perfect complement to any print room's portfolio. Paired with the Fiery Controller, this cut-sheet inkjet carries the best value of any inkjet product in the market with unmatched versatility including the world's first complete "print-to-mail" solution.

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